How to Prepare for the ‘New World Order’

Most people view the New World Order as a “conspiracy theory” and ignore or mock anyone who mentions it. But the players behind it are openly admitting that that is what they are pushing for. Earlier this month there was a World Government Summit, where many of the top players like Klaus Schwab attended, and they started the summit with the question “Are we ready for the New World Order?” Joe Biden has admitted that a New World Order is the goal. Even a CNN anchor, Becky Anderson, was part of this conference and CNBC recently published an op-ed titled “A new world order is emerging- and the world is not ready for it”

They held this conference in Dubai, UAE, the same place that the World Economic Forum held their conference just a few months ago. The same country that is listed as one of the most unfree countries in the world. That’s not a coincidence.

I don’t know how anyone can honestly claim that this is all a “conspiracy theory” at this point. All of the pieces are there for a New World Order or a Great Reset, which are the same thing. I’m not claiming that you should just blindly follow anyone who says “Great Reset” or “New World Order” because there are a lot of conspiracy theories about it. But listen to the words of the very people who are pushing for it. Pay attention to the news because once you are informed about what people like Klaus Schwab are pushing, you will find the pieces of the Great Reset and ESG all over.

Their goal is to have a one world government, that is centrally planned, that runs off of a digital currency where they will get to control where and how you spend your money, and have you 100% reliant on them. They are openly admitting this. And they are now openly admitting that significant food shortages are coming and that your life is about to change dramatically.

Klaus Schwab spoke at this summit a future weeks ago and warned that food, energy and the supply chain is going to be “deeply affected”. That is not a “right wing conspiracy theory peddled by Fox News”, that is from the President of the World Economic Forum, which is the organization that is behind the Great Reset.

One of the big financial institutions that is partnering with Klaus in the Great Reset is Blackrock. Black Rock is the world’s largest asset manager. They are now hinting that something big is coming. The President of Blackrock, Rob Kapito, recently claimed that “For the first time, this generation is going to go into a store and not be able to get what they want…I would put on your seatbelts because this is something that we haven’t seen.”

Even Joe Biden is admitting that American’s are going to be feeling the impact. On March 24th he gave a briefing to NATO and warned that the sanctions put on Russia isn’t going to just be felt in Russia but Europe and American’s as well.

How can you argue that it is a conspiracy theory when all of these people are now admitting that this is coming. This is not just some Fox News host or someone like me claiming this, it’s the President of the world’s largest asset manager, it’s the President of the World Economic Forum and it’s the President of the United States all claiming this.

Key words to watch for

I mentioned earlier that if you are informed about the Great Reset, you can watch the news and easily tell if it’s a story that is moving us in the direction of the Great Reset, which is a majority of the stories that we see now.

  1. Stakeholder capitalism. Just because it has capitalism in the name, doesn’t mean it’s capitalism. It’s actually the death of capitalism. This centrally planned government will control what you can spend your money on, what products a company can make and how much profit they can make. It is not capitalism. (Check out my article from a few months ago on that here:
  2. ESG. That stands for Environmental, social and governance. Companies and individuals will get an ESG score based off of how much gas you use, how much meat you eat, how many minorities or woman you have on your board (regardless of qualifications), what you are invested in, etc. I have written extensively about this at You can find all of those articles under the Great Reset tab on the homepage).

What you can do to prepare

This is all happening at lightening speed. You need to be taking steps right now to become self reliant because really dark and challenging days are just around the corner. Really we need to start thinking and acting like the way those who survived the Great Depression did because there’s a very good chance that we could be there within the next few years.

If you are awake and want to begin to prepare, and I would urge try to prepare quickly, there are several steps that you should be taking. It’s impossible to predict exactly when things are going to get really bad, but it’s looking like there’s at least a 90% chance of a recession, at the very least, within the next two years.

If you want to prepare there’s a few things that you can do.

  1. Get to know your neighbors or move near a like minded community if you don’t have that now. If you are a Conservative in places like New York or California, you might want to consider moving to Texas or Florida. Having a community is going to be important for many reasons when things begin to break out. If you stay, you will likely be stuck there until this is over and it could be years.
  2. Plant a garden, learn a skill, find something that you can barter with. If you can’t plant a garden but have a skill, that’s going to be important in the community. Stock up on things like alcohol and cigarettes even if you don’t drink or smoke, because those items are able to be traded.
  3. Stock up on essentials like food and toilet paper. I would recommend trying to have at least one year per person that will be relying on you. That is a lot of money and most people can’t afford to do that all at once, so if you haven’t done any preparation yet, start small. If your at the store and you need 1 of something that week, buy 2 and store the other. If you can afford to, consider food storage through a company like Most of that will last for up to 25 years if stored properly.
  4. If you can’t afford to prepare, it would be good to take a hard look at your expenses and cut out anything that isn’t essential. That might be canceling your vacation for this summer, canceling your cable bill, not eating out, or downsizing. Get smart with your money.
  5. If you have any debts, especially anything with a variable interest rate like a credit card, you need to pay that down and off now. Interest rates have already started to rise and it’s looking likely that rates could rise by .50 minimum in May and possibly higher. The President of the St Louis Federal Reserve is warning that rates need to rise to 3.5% to get inflation under control. If you don’t pay that debt down now, there’s going to come a time when it will be impossible to pay off.
  6. Get into shape spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically, because hard times are coming.
  7. If you don’t have a gun, consider buying one and train regularly with it.
  8. Read and learn important skills. Get hard copies of important books/documents. Preserve what’s important and forget everything else.

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