Glenn Beck’s Audience Raises Nearly Half a Million for Hawaii Fire Victims

Screenshot of the Glenn Beck Radio Program

Radio Show host and Founder of BlazeTV, Glenn Beck, announced on Wednesday that his audience has raised $472,824.25 for the victims of the Maui fire this week. Glenn said that “ALL of these proceeds, every penny, minus credit card fees, will go towards the residents as they grieve and rebuild in the tough days ahead. Through your continued support, Mercury1 is well on its way to surpassing the government package.”

To bring about aid as fast as possible to those that need it, Mercury1 is partnering with Operation BBQ ReliefSamaritan’s PurseOperation BlessingITDRC, and Harvest Church, which is pastored by Greg Laurie in California and has a sister Church in Maui.

Drew Friedrich, Chief Operating Officer of Operation Blessing, praised M1 for being a “faithful partner” and said that “Mercury One was one of the first to step up with financial support to help”.

Samaritan’s Purse similary praised donors of Mercury1 for their generosity for helping to airlift 17 tons of supplies to Maui, Hawaii. Supplies include hygiene kits, solar lights, cooking kits, plastic tarp and equipment.

Glenn Beck credits his audience for also raising $35 million to fund evacuations out of Afghanistan following the withdrawal in 2021, funding community projects, raising aid for persecuted Christians around the world and “so much more”. Glenn said that his audience is “truly giving light in a broken world.”

The Maui wilfire is now reported to be the deadliest fire in US history, claiming more than 100 lives.

Following Glenn’s announcement of the fundraiser, Mercury1 suffered an online hacking incident. Mercury1 said that the site is back up and running at full capacity.

Senior Producer for Mercury1, JP Decker, stated that “The attack on our website did not make us weaker but instead made us stronger. Our M1 staff is a family that is small but mighty and when this happened, every single staff member stepped in and started to plan for answering phones etc., ready to take donations.” Decker said “When you give to specific initiatives with Mercury One, 100% of your donation, minus credit card fees, goes to that initiative. When you give to Mercury One, it enables Mercury One to have the means to respond quickly when a crisis occurs”.


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