Former Governor Teases Independent Presidential Bid

Gov Larry Hogan talking to reporters in front of Maryland State House April 17th 2020.Photo byChip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Former Maryland GOP Gov. Larry Hogan released an advertisement video on Tuesday, a day after claiming a third-party run for any candidate would be an “uphill climb” but worth trying.

In the about a minute-long video, Hogan touted his record as Governor of Maryland. He highlighted the bipartisan popularity he has received during his time as Governor and that he has always been an “underdog”.

“I’ve always been an underdog, and people have always counted us out, but every single time we’ve beaten the odds,” Hogan tweeted alongside the video. “If we can accomplish all we did in Maryland, then there’s no place in America where these very same principles cannot succeed.”

Hogan recently told Major Garrett of CBS News “You just don’t know.  There are about 70% of the people in America who do not want Joe Biden or Donald Trump to be president.”

“They don’t want a rematch of 2020. And yet it appears, if the nominations were taking place today that that would be the case. So if two thirds of the people in the country really don’t want either choice A or choice B, then I don’t think you can close the door to C,” Hogan continued.

“It’s never happened before. It’s never been successful. It’s not something I’m pursuing. But you’ve got to leave the door open ‘in case of emergency break glass’, Hogan said.

Hogan recently flirted with a run for the Republican nomination in 2024 but decided against it. This time he is entertaining the idea of running as a third party candidate, potentially with the No Labels Party, the growing party that Senator Manchin and former Governor Huntsman are involved with as well.

Hogan currently sits as co-chairman for No Labels and has claimed that if anyone decided to run as a third-party candidate, it would be a “steep climb” for them to secure the White House but “worth trying”.

“But the goal of No Labels [is] they have no interest in being a spoiler. They don’t want to try to hand the White House to either [President] Joe Biden or to [former President] Donald Trump,” Hogan told ABC News. “But I can tell you that, you know, if we get into next spring and those are the nominees and most people in America do not want that, then there’s certainly this possibility.”

No Labels supports centrist candidates from both parties and aims to have a Democrat and a Republican on the ticket in 2024.


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