Former Democratic Pres. Candidate Slams the Associated Press for Being ‘Associated Propaganda’

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Former Democratic Presidential Candidate, Tulsi Gabbard, slammed the Associated Press (AP) over the weekend, accusing them of no longer reporting facts and for now being ‘Associated Propaganda’.

“We used to be able to trust the AP to just report the facts. No more,” Gabbard tweeted on Tuesday. “AP now stands for Associated Propaganda, politically biased, publishing articles that read more like opinion pieces than news reporting. They and the Democrat elite treat the American people like we are fools, unable to think for ourselves and make our own decisions. They couldn’t be more wrong.”

Gabbard also accused the AP of “exploiting” the tragedy in Jacksonville, Florida, referring to the gunmen that targeted black people in a Dollar General store last month, leaving three dead.

Gabbards concluded by saying that the AP and the elite “disrespect our intelligence” and that they think they “can just feed us whatever propaganda they want and we are just going to soak it up” but that we are “not that stupid”.

Gabbards told Fox News host Sean Hannity last month that she will “consider any opportunity to be able to serve my country and make the most positive impact, especially at this time where our country’s future and our democracy are at risk” when asked if she was open to joining the Republican ticket or the No Labels party ticket if asked.

Gabbards said she was “not walking down any specific path at this moment” but said she was definitely thinking every day about how best she could serve her country.


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