Far Left Moves to Repackage the ESG “Conspiracy Theory”

When a few on the right started talking about ESG and the Great Reset back in 2020, we were accused of pushing “conspiracy theories”. They claimed that the Great Reset wasn’t happening. They claimed that Americans weren’t going to be given an ESG score.

Over the last two years that narrative changed from it wasn’t happening, to only the corporations will be given ESG scores, to the consumer will also be given an ESG score but it’s only so that you could make a more informed decision, to oh crap we need repackage this thing because the public is waking up to what we are really doing.

According to Bloomberg “A number of sustainable investing champions say it’s time for the “ESG” label to be shelved and replaced by something less likely to draw attacks from both the political right and left.”

Robert Eccles, a professor at Harvard Business School and now University of Oxford, claimed in an interview that he is “happy to not use the term ESG” because “people are so invested now in hating ESG for reasons that don’t really have much to do with ESG.” Really? Like giving me a score based on things like how much I drive, how much meat I eat, and who I choose to hire, which will effect my ability to get a loan? That is what ESG is about.

This is a common tactic for the Left. They haven’t realized the error of their ways and recognize that the public doesn’t want it. They don’t care if you want it or not. That is why they are repackaging it, like they do whenever one of their plans is exposed. Agenda 21 and common core are just two examples. Agenda 21 eventually became Agenda 30, which became Build Back Better, which later became the “inflation reduction” bill. Common core didn’t go away they just stopped calling it common core and slipped it in in some places.

This is really good news but don’t let this repacking full you. This system isn’t going away and we need to stay vigilant and continue to call these people out and expose what they are trying to do. That is a complete to change to our way of life where the government would get to decide what crops farmers can grow, what you can eat, what you can drive, how much energy you use, is your board diverse enough and what you can buy.

More good news

Entrepreneur and author Vivek Ramaswamy recently launched a pro energy fund designed to take on ESG. Within the first two weeks over $250 million was invested in this new fund (DRLL) sending shockwaves through the system.

Previously Vivek launched Strive which aims to take on Blackrock, which is one of the main investment firms behind the Great Reset and ESG.

“We believe our message and mandates to US companies are already resonating with Americans,” Strive’s products chief Matt Cole said. “Unlike typical ETF launches where you see a small number of high dollar trades, the success of DRLL has been driven by smaller dollar trades.”

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