Exposing the Organizations Behind the Recent Riots

All we have been hearing about for the last several weeks is how there needs to be justice after four police officers brutally murdered an unarmed black man in Minneapolis. We are told that these riots are going to bring about “justice” for the death of George Floyd. But how so? How does stealing a T.V. from a Target bring about justice for Floyd? How does burning down black neighborhoods and businesses bring about justice for Floyd? How does pulling people out of trucks and beating them to death on the streets, erase what these four cops did to a black man hundreds of miles away? 

Almost everyone believed that what these cops did was wrong. We were all on the same page until you started burning down buildings. We all believed that these four cops should be charged with murder. That would be justice. Stealing a TV from Target or attacking an innocent man hundreds of miles away because he happens to be white does not bring about justice for anyone. But these riots aren’t really about justice for George Floyd or black lives. The video of Floyd’s murder is being used as an excuse to bring about insurrection and chaos, something that has been planned for years. 

To be clear, I am not saying that those that are out peacefully protesting are trying to bring about chaos. They have every right to peacefully protest. I may or may not agree with what they are protesting for, but they have a constitutional right to protest.  I’m also not saying that the rioters are necessarily working with the leaders who want to bring about chaos. Many of them are just useful idiots that these far left Marxist organizations are using to bring about what they have been planning for years and were just waiting for the right moment. The moment that they have been patiently waiting for is now here and it’s likely going to be a very tough year. I fear this gets much worse before it gets better. 

These riots were not just spontaneous uprisings because people are upset about the death of someone hundreds of miles away that they never met or knew anything about until he was murdered. These riots were very well planned out and well funded to bring about complete chaos and the end of the the Western way of life, and if we aren’t careful, they may very well succeed.

Marxists groups such as “Black Lives Matter” who just a few years ago took to the streets and chanted “What Do We Want? “Dead Cops”. When Do We Want It? “Now”. In 2015, an activist for BLM declared that it’s “open season on killing white people and crackas” and threatened to bring about a race war. Remember that next time you use #BlackLivesMatter or #BlackoutTuesday. 

Among BLM’s demands:

  • Full employment and housing
  • Free college
  • An end to voter ID laws
  • The release of all U.S. political prisoners
  • Defunding the police
  • “Collective Ownership”

So what does any of that actually have to do with race? It doesn’t. It’s a group whose only agenda, other then to bring about chaos, is to promote a communist takeover. It’s not about just reforming the system to weed out racism. It’s about completely destroying the system. This organization has absolutely nothing to do with black lives and everything to do with Marxism.

I want to be clear here. I’m not accusing everyone who marches with a “Black Lives Matter” sign or who participated in “Blackout Tuesday” as being a Marxist. Sadly, most of these people have absolutely no idea about the organization that they are promoting. Many of my Conservative friends participated in #BlackoutTuesday and I know they don’t subscribe to Marxism. But when people have families and full time jobs and a we have a media who refuses to do their job and expose organizations like this, groups such as “Black Lives Matter” gain legitimacy because no one is actually paying attention. 

We also have the violent far-left group such as ANTIFA which could soon be designated a terrorist organization. ANTIFA organizers are on camera handing out cash to protesters. ANTIFA is now be investigated and could be responsible for all of the recent riots in states such as Texas. Everything the mainstream media accused the Tea Party of, ANTIFA is actually doing and they are getting a free pass. 

And then we have the Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement,  who according to their “10 Points of Action” want to bring about a America without any laws, any punishment for any crime or any government. They pledge to bring about this new America by “any means necessary”. It’s an organization that is modeled after the Marxist Kurds in Syria. The Syrian Kurds (not the Iraqi Kurds who are actually good people) was the group that successfully caused an armed uprising in Syria, and basically created a country within a country. 

If you think that a group such as the Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement could never create a country within the United States that is completely out of the control of the government and local police, you would be wrong. It’s already happening in Seattle. In Seattle several blocks have now been designated as an “autonomous zone” separate from the United States. Police have completely withdrawn from this area. A sign outside of the zone now reads “You are now entering free capitol hill”. You would think this would be a bigger deal then it is but the media doesn’t seem to care. Or is it that they do actually care and are intentionally ignoring this because they also agree that America is a evil country and they want to see her destruction?

 These are the people behind these riots (or “peaceful protests” if you are CNN). These are the groups working together to bring about the end of the Western way of life. While many of the peaceful protesters may truly be upset over the death of George Floyd and police brutality, these insurrectionists are not. These people want complete chaos and want the West to burn. 

I wasn’t too sure what I believed at first when President Trump threaten to invoke the “Insurrection Act” to end the riots. I worry about an out of control Federal Government who repeatedly violates States rights.  But what are we suppose to do when groups such as ANTIFA and the Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement are trying to bring about the end of the United States? Is the Federal Government suppose to sit back and allow that to happen? President Trump was right to threaten to use the “Insurrection Act” to end these riots if the Governor’s can’t or refuse to get control of their states. I do not like the Federal Government getting too involved in the States, but the Insurrection Act was signed into law by Thomas Jefferson (a guy who wasn’t exactly supportive of big government)  for this very reason.

If there are groups out in the streets trying to cause chaos and overthrow the government, then the President has every right and it is his duty to defend the country from being overthrown. That is exactly what every President promises to do during their oath of office when they pledge to “support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic;” These are not just some people who are upset about racism or police brutality. These are enemies of the State and need to be stopped.


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