Everything in the $1.9 Trillion Pork Bill

The $1.9 trillion stimulus bill that President Biden signed into office last week is full of pork. That’s about all it is. Sure, you get your $1,400 check, but how much is it costing you? Was it really worth it to add another $1.9 trillion to the national debt, especially when 90% of it doesn’t actually go to you? 

With the amount of pork in this bill, you could have gotten a $10,000 check. Instead, they pass a bill, full of pork and give you a few crumbs and they say “See, we are the party of the working class.” In reality, it’s the working class who gets screwed with this bill both now and later when you see the prices of everything rise due to the inflation that is coming. 

Included in this bill are:

  • $350 billion in relief for states. It would be one thing if these states lost a ton of money and needed a little extra help. I have issues with the Federal Government bailing out states when it’s their leaders that are running the states into the ground, but that’s a separate issue. But here’s the really outrageous part. These states didn’t lose money. These states actually saw their revenues increase since the virus started. So why are we sending $350 billion to states that took in even more money then they were taking in before the pandemic started? Why are these states receiving any extra money from the Federal government?
  • $130 billion to schools, even though they aren’t required to reopen. Most of this money isn’t even going to be spent this year, and will be spent over the next seven years? So what does that have to do with this virus? Why are we sending $130 billion, most of which they don’t even need right now, to schools that aren’t even fully opened? Couldn’t we find a little better way to spend that $130 billion right now?
  • $86 billion for private pension bailouts. I would love to know what $86 billion for private pension bailouts that pre-date this pandemic have to do with Covid relief? The governors of states such as Illinois drove their states into the ground long before the pandemic and then we are all stuck paying the bill. 

The list of ridiculous projects and organizations that we are sending more of your hard earned tax payer money to goes on and on.

  • $50 million to Planned Parenthood
  • $200 million for Museum and Library Studies
  • $270 million for Endowment for Arts/Humanities
  • $12 billion for foreign aid. 
  • $15 billion for illegal immigrants.
  • $111 billion in welfare (without even including work requirements)

You annoyed yet? You think maybe we could have found a few better ways to spend nearly $2 trillion of your hard earned money? If we were going to spend this amount anyways, maybe cut out funding to things like Planned Parenthood and give you that money instead and then you could choose to send your money to organizations like Planned Parenthood? 

President Biden wants to make this sound like this is the best thing for you but is it really? Does this nearly $2 trillion really give “the essential workers, the working people who built this country, the people who keep this country going-a fighting chance” when it’s you who are going to end up paying for it either through higher taxes or through inflation, which you will start noticing more and more? You might want to put off buying that new TV and use that extra money for things like food and to pay significantly more for gas to get to work because you are going to need it. 


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