Doug Burgum Rips ABC News For Ignoring Hunter Biden Scandals

Sergio Flores/AFP via Getty Images

North Dakota Governor and Presidential Candidate Doug Burgum criticized ABC News Sunday for ignoring the scandals surrounding Hunter Biden, during an interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos.

ABC’s George Stephanopoulos interviewed Burgum and asked about his longshot presidential campaign, as well as former President Donald Trump’s latest indictment.

Burgum was asked if Mike Pence was right when he certified the results of the 2020 election, despite then President Trump calling on him not to.

“George, again, I just have to say, you guys, I just listened to 15 minutes of legal debate on this thing, and I’m sure you could run it again 7 by 24. But what I know is that I’m running against Joe Biden, and that’s what we’re going to be talking about, and, of course, not a mention in the last 15 minutes of, you know, Hunter Biden or the laptop,” Burgum said.

“Americans out there are concerned. There are people on the ground that are not watching these Sunday programs that are saying, you know, why is the DOJ defending Hunter Biden, and why are they attacking President Trump? It does seem political to people,” he added.

Burgum was asked again if he had an opinion on President Trump’s latest indictment, which involes the former President’s alleged attempt to overturn the election. Burgum sidesteped the question again and argued that he was running against President Biden, not President Trump.

“I’m not a lawyer. I’m an entrepreneur and I’m someone who leads and operates businesses that is something I care about the people of this country and you’re asking me, you know, basically a legal question, we’re focused on the future. There are just so many people that want to weigh in on this topic around the clock and you know who loves it when all we do is talk about this, of course, President Biden does because then we don’t have to talk about inflation or Afghanistan or the Russian invasion,” Burgum said

Burgum added “I believe that Joe Biden won the election and I believe we have to move on to the future but I do believe there were irregularities in terms of how the election went and those are going to be explored. The courts will go through all of that and do that. And, again, panel after panel will talk about it but everybody is innocent until proven guilty. That’s the way the system works in America. And we should be talking about the energy, the economy and national security.”

Hunter Biden’s longtime business associate, Devon Archer, testified Monday before the House Oversight Committee. Archer told the Committee about Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings and described how Joe Biden reportedly spoke with Hunter’s business associates on over 20 occasions.

Burgum qualified for the first Republican presidential debate in Milwaukee after reaching 1% in a Morning Consult poll which is scheduled to take place August 23rd.


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