Donald Trump’s Popularity Falls Among Republican Voters

Donald Trump’s appeal has sunk among Republican, a new poll has found.

According to a Pew research poll, 63% of Americans of all political affiliations have an unfavorable opinion of Trump – an increase from 60% last year.

66% of Republicans and Republican-leaning voters still view the former President favorably, but that is down from 75% in July 2022. His unfavorables among Republican and Republican-leaning voters has risen from 25% to 32% in the same time period.

Just 8% of Democrats view him favorably with 91% viewing the former President unfavorably. Among Democrats that view Trump unfavorably, 78% view him very unfavorably.

In contrast, Six-in-ten Americans hold a very or mostly unfavorable opinion of Biden, while 39% view him favorably. Biden is viewed slightly more negatively than he was a year ago, when 55% held an unfavorable opinion of him, according to the same poll.

Trump and Biden aren’t the only candidates that have seen their favorability drop.

Ron DeSantis has also seen his favorability drop from 80% to 65%, a 15 point drop since Februrary according to recent polling from Monmouth University.

Trump continues to lead the field in every poll by signifcant margins. A new national Morning Consult poll has Trump leading the race for the Republican nomination by 43% with DeSantis coming in a distant second at 16%.

When looking at early primary states, Trump leads the field in Iowa by 27% according to a AG/National Research poll, 14% in a recent UNH New Hampshire poll, and 34% in a recent Fox News South Carolina poll.


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