DeSantis Slams Trump for Not Draining the Swamp; Says Trump Shares Some Blame for Legal Troubles

Photo by TheNews2

Ron DeSantis said on Tuesday that Donald Trump shares some of the blame for his mounting legal woes, and slammed Trump for not following through with his pledge to ‘drain the swamp’ while he was in power.

DeSantis spoke to Fox News host Laura Ingraham on Tuesday and said that Trump should have fired Christopher Wray and prosecuted Hillary Clinton, while he had the chance.

DeSantis told Ingraham that we “need a President that can end the weaponization of federal power through the DOJ and FBI”. He pledged to fire Christopher Wray, who was nominated by Trump in June 2017, and that he would clear out the Justice Department.

DeSantis touted his record of draining the swamp in Florida as Governor, noting that he removed two prosecutors that were funded by Soros that weren’t enforcing the law and got rid of negligent election supervisors in South Florida. He said that he has shown that he has the ability to take action and pledged to do the same as President.

DeSantis did say that he does give Trump credit for a lot of things even though that they are competing for the nomination, but that “one of the things he did not do was drain the swamp”. He added that “The swamp got worse in his four years”.

“And you had people like Wray, you had people in power who were not getting the job done. You’ve got to take very swift action and you’ve got to make it happen”, DeSantis told Ingraham.

DeSantis said that not only did he deliver on his promises but he “over delivered”. He touted his record holding China accountable, reforming education and combating illegal immigration.

When asked about his polling, DeSantis said that he wasn’t concerned and that “we are going to get the job done”.


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