Democrats Are Using the Same Playbook They Used in 1864

A Republican President running for re-election. A President who is constantly under attack, even from his own party. A President who is being accused of not being prepared, especially during a national crisis. A deeply divided nation. Rioting. Racial strife. Democrats are full of rage at the thought of re-electing a man that is extremely dangerous to the country. The President is very unpopular and is suppose to lose to his political challenger. A heavy push for mail-in voting. What election am I referring to? 1864.

In 1864. Abraham Lincoln was running for re-election against George McClellan. McClellan was a general who was fired by President Lincoln just 2 years before the election because he wasn’t doing a good enough job in fighting back General Lee’s army. McClellan had previously insulted the President with insubordination, and after frequent insubordination instances and not looking like he was trying to win the war, McClellan saw his responsibilities trimmed back and eventually fired.

Fast forward to 1864 and McClellan is nominated to be the Democrat nominee for President. A few months before that election, Governor Horitio Seymour of New York sends a well respected merchant, Orvill Wood, to check up on the absentee ballots from the union soldiers who are serving in Maryland to make sure that they are filling them out okay. Going into that trip Orville had no idea that he was going to uncover the most elaborate election conspiracy in history, and one that hasn’t been seen to this scale again until 2020.

Orville followed the Governor’s order and went, because at that point in time, you didn’t say no. He never went with the intention of twisting any arms to get them to vote Democrat, because Orville was a Lincoln supporter.

Absentee voting was new in 1864 and it was something that most northern states passed during the Civil War to allow soldiers who were away fighting to be able to vote while they were at war. The stakes were extremely high because it was looking like it was going to be a close race. Lincoln was running on continuing the war until slavery was abolished. Up until this point, it was only abolished in the South, because the South was in rebellion so he ordered that those slaves be freed first.

When Orville got to Maryland he heard about some “checker playing” going on with the ballots. Each soldier had to have 4 signatures on their ballots, 1 from the person who was voting, 1 from the person authorized to submit the ballot, 1 from a witness and 1 from a fellow officer. It might sound pretty secure, but it wasn’t.

Orville goes to see Moses Ferry, who was appointed by Governor Seymour to collect the ballots from the New York soldiers. Ferry was also a big supporter of the Democrat nominee for President, George McClellan. Knowing that there was no way that Ferry was going to give a Lincoln supporter all of the information about what is really going on, Orville pretends to be a McClellan supporter.

Ferry soon convinced Orville to help him forge signatures on the ballots, because he needed as much help as he could get with the 4 signature requirement. Thinking that he could trust Orville because he was also a McClellan supporter (or so he thought), Ferry later bragged to Orville that he has already tampered with 400 ballots for McClellan and only 11 for Lincoln.

Orville played the game long enough to see where the paper trail was pointed to, and the next stop for these ballots was for Edward Donahue Jr. in Washington. Orville asked that he be allowed to personally deliver the ballots to Donahue. Donahue later met with Orville, where he revealed during the conversation that 20 other co-conspirators were already working in D.C. to steal the election for McClellan. The next day, Orville witnessed an assembly line of Donahue’s men, passing around blank ballots and signing them, with the names of enlisted soldiers, including the names of some who were dead. Orville later testified that he heard Ferry joking “Dead or alive, they all had cast a good vote.”

The crates of fraudulent ballots were then shipped back to New York. After Orville returned to New York, he went to the New York authorities and informed them about what he had witnessed and the whole scheme to steal the 1864 election from Abraham Lincoln was exposed.

Ferry’s office was searched, and he was arrested and just 2 weeks before the election on October 27th, 1864, Ferry and Donahue stood trial before a military commission. While Ferry was easy to break and get him to admit his part and offer up several other names, Donahue was much harder. Donahue later begged the judge for mercy but because this scheme was so bad, both ended up serving life in prison.

When the judge addressed the tribunal, he stated that what was uncovered was “a fraud which, if it shall be successful, will, in my opinion, have produced a disruption of our entire country, and our war for the preservation of the Union will be practically at an end and futile.”

Lincoln ended up easily winning that election, 221 electoral votes to McClellan’s 21, but not without people questioning the legitimacy of that election. Anti-abolitionist newspapers called the trial “another aspect of a conspiracy conducted by the president to ensure his reelection.”

We are seeing history repeat itself in this election. A President who is constantly under heavy criticism. A Democrat party who is once again trying to steal the election with mail-in ballots. A Democrat party and a Mainstream media, who is doing everything they possibly can to get you to question the legitimacy of the results. They are setting this election up, where no matter what the results are, or how big the Trump win may end up being, they are going to accuse Trump of stealing this election.

This is the last call for America. We need to become a people that doesn’t just share articles that we see on CNN or Fox, and actually take the time to do our own research, and then expose what is going on. We are extremely close to losing our Republic and it could happen before the end of this year. Vigilance and prayer are the only things that are going to save us.

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