Common sense steps that we can take to prevent future school shootings

Law enforcement officials work Tuesday, May 24, 2022, at Uvalde High School after a shooting was reported at nearby Robb Elementary School.

Credit Image: © William Luther/San Antonio Express-News via ZUMA Press Wire

The facts of the school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, just keep getting weirder and weirder. There is something seriously wrong with either the federal agents, the local police or both.

First reports are that a police officer was at the school but didn’t respond. Then we hear that police were arresting parents who were trying to respond since the police wouldn’t. At one point as many as 20 police officers were in the hallways of the school and yet still didn’t respond. And then we hear that the chief of police prevented his officers and border patrol from entering the building, because they apparently thought that there was no longer an active shooter despite, despite calls still coming in from the kids in the school.

This incident needs a thorough investigation. If the story of the Chief of police is true, he needs to be fired. But one thing is clear that this was the fault of incompetence, on potentially several levels and lax security at schools. It’s a ridiculous argument to blame the gun for the actions of a lunatic.

The Left likes to focus on the gun. But the gun didn’t manufacture itself, plan a strategy to kill a bunch of kids, drive itself to the school, walk into the school and start shooting. A person did that. The gun is no more to blame for this tragedy than the SUV is to blame in the incident in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in December 2021, when the driver drove through a Christmas parade with the intention of killing a bunch of people. Did anyone advocate for “common sense” restrictions on cars after that incident? Did anyone advocate for car control after that incident? Did anyone blame the car manufacturer? No. So why is the gun responsible in this case, and not the person using the gun? Why are we so concerned with certain types of guns, when a majority of shootings happen with a handgun, and yet we don’t hear as nearly as many calls for banning handguns? Sure, the progressive goal is eventually to disarm law abiding citizens of all firearms, but their supporters normally only seem to advocate for AR-15s to be banned, but not handguns that are used far more often (roughly 62% of the time between 1982 and May 2022).

Now I’m not making the case that we should ban handguns. 1. it will never work. Criminals are going to get guns no matter what. You don’t have to look any further than Chicago to see that gun control doesn’t work. But 2. Americans are not going to just turn over their guns when they have the constitutional right to own any type of gun that they choose. So are progressives advocating for going door to door to round up 400 million guns? If they want a civil war, that would be the way to do it.

There are absolutely things that can and need to be done to try to prevent attacks like this from happening, or at least reduce the chances.

  1. Schools need to hire armed guards. Why is it that people are fine with guards protecting our banks, jewelry stores, malls, celebrities, politicians, sports games, etc, but when it comes to putting an armed guard at a school, it’s suddenly an outrage? These guards shouldn’t be just anyone but should be properly trained to deal with a school shooting situation. Someone who is at the school whenever the school is in session or when any activities are taking place at the school. What better way to deal with a threat then to already have several armed guards at the school if something does happen?
  2. Teachers should be allowed to carry if they are properly trained. Now whenever I claim this I usually hear “then we better pay teachers more if we expect them to act like cops”. I don’t know anyone that is advocating for forcing teachers to carry. But I think many would gladly bring their firearm with them to class if they were allowed to. And what better way to deal with an active shooter situation if even 10% of the teachers in that school were armed and were able to protect their students?
  3. Schools really need to get serious about security and many times that’s as simple as locking the doors to the outside so that anyone can’t just walk in. Initial reports were that the suspect in the Uvalde Texas school shooting walked through an unlocked door, didn’t pass any guards, and was in the school for an hour before starting to shoot. Why? Why wasn’t there any security at this school, that would have at least significantly reduced the risks of this happening? Why was he able to just walk in? Early reports are that a teacher propped open the door, which the suspect later used to walk in. These doors need to be locked and protected whenever the school is in session.

Why is it that these solutions are so unreasonable to people? Solutions that could actually be accomplished that the country can unite on, or is that the problem? Is politics more important to these people than actually coming up with real solutions to prevent future school shootings?

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