China Urges West to Read New BRICS Summit Declaration Carefully. What You Need to Know

This summer was the latest BRICS summit (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) and they announced something pretty big that received very little attention. It was so big that China is now warning the West to read this summit very carefully and it will impact every American.

The summit does go through 75 points which I encourage every person to read, but I want to highlight just a few the points that they make here.

  1. The summit is promising to “Usher in a New Era for Global Development”. That should be an alarm bell that should capture the attention of every American.
  2. “We look forward to the Dialogue injecting new impetus to strengthen international cooperation and solidarity on implementing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.” (This is the Great Reset and ESG)(For more on the Great Reset visit and click on the Great Reset tab at the top of the homepage).
  3. In points 11-13 they call for the WTO (World Trade Organization) and IMF (International Monetary Fund) to be restructured. The common criticism of these organizations is that they are too US-centric so these reforms would move both of those organizations more towards a global economy.
  4. In point 15 they “reaffirm our commitment to multilateralism and continue to support the World Health Organization (WHO) to play the leading role in the global health governance, while supporting other UN relevant agencies’ activities.” This is the organization that lied and covered up for China in the early days of the pandemic, that ended up costing the lives of millions.
  5. Points 37 and 38 discusses BRICS strengthening their trade block with each other. It’s important to note that each of the countries in BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) each has their own trade blocks. When including the countries in those trade blocks, 3 billion people are part of this, or about 37% of the entire world. So whatever these countries decide is going to have a significant impact on the world economy. And they are moving towards including even more countries in this system.
  6. Point 41 should sound familiar to anyone familiar with the Great Reset. A big part of the Great Reset is forming public private partnerships between corporations and the government.
  7. BRICS is also developing their own payments system which can be found in points 43-47;51 and moving towards a free trade system among those countries.
  8. Points 48 and 49 are extremely concerning. Here they hint that they are planning to build a non-US dollar based trading platform. Back in 2014 Russia started developing SPFS when the US threatened to remove them from the SWIFT banking system. In 2018 that system became operational. After Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the US did kick Russia off of Swift, speeding up Russia’s transition to SPFS. Russia is now saying that they could allow BRICS countries to be part of this system.
  9. In 52-54 they reaffirm their commitment to move towards the Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development, which is the Great Reset.
  10. In 71-72 they talk about how BRICS is open to expanding to more countries in the near future, meaning they will have even more of an impact over the world economy. Saudi Arabia and Egypt are being mentioned as two countries likely to join, among others.

You may have noticed something about these countries in this alliance and that is that they are major countries that control a ton of resources. Just taking the countries listed in BRICS is concerning enough.

Brazil is the second largest exporter of Iron Ore in the world, which is the main ingredient in steel.

Brazil is also the second largest soy producer.

China, India and Russia are the top three largest wheat producing countries in the world.

India is the second largest rice producer in the world.

South Africa is known for a ton of important resources such as gold, silver, copper, zinc, Iron, Nickel, tin and lead.

More than 20% of global GDP is controlled by BRICS and that is on track to grow to 50% by 2030.

What does all of this mean for you?

Everything we are use to is changing rapidly. The US is as wealthy as it is because after WWII we convinced the world to join the US and trade with US dollars. But the world is moving rapidly towards a system that isn’t depended on the U.S. dollar and is part of a basket of currencies and that could be implemented fully within the next few years. That means all of those dollars are going to come flooding back into the U.S., causing hyperinflation.

“Experts” have spent years warning that this is crazy talk and that the world will never abandoned. the U.S. dollar because there is no where else to go. But now there is. And all of the pieces are being put in place to collapse the dollar, including Russia forming an alternative to SWIFT and Saudi Arabia, Iran and others announcing intentions to move away from the petrodollar.

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