Biden Proposes Trillions in New Spending During First State of the Union Address

Last night, after 99 days in office, President Biden finally gave his first State of the Union address. While addressing congress in person isn’t required by the Constitution, it’s very unusual for a president to wait 100 days before giving this address.

Anyone who is awake knows that these past 100 days have been a disaster. The border crisis is out of control. He has ended expansion of the Keystone Pipeline He has signed more executive orders in his first week then any other President in U.S. history. And he has already spent or proposed nearly $10 trillion in just his first 100 days.

I knew that things would be bad under this administration but I had no idea of the pace that we would be headed for complete disaster. This is already one of the most disasterous administrations in U.S. history. Really only Wilson and FDR have been worse but at the rate that we are going, Biden may top that before the end of the year.

During this State of the Union, Biden proposed universal preschool, affordable childcare, paid medical leave, free community college, extending the childcare tax credit until 2025 and universal healthcare. This would cost us trillions of dollars that we can not afford. Biden proposed $5 trillion in new spending, on top of the $5 trillion that we normally spend every year. Between what we have spent in the past 12 months and what Biden has now proposed, we will have spent $19.5 trillion. That is in just 1 year. This is unsustainable and we are headed for a massive collapse within the next few years.

Biden kept talking about “Democracy”. He must have mentioned “democracy” dozens of times. How exactly are we a democracy when the party in power is willing to do whatever they want without any consent of the minority party, despite the Senate being 50-50? How are we a democracy when a President is proposing putting “common sense” restrictions on firearms, despite the second amendment clearly stating “shall not be infringed”? How are we a democracy when the President hasn’t mentioned a single time anything about private property or restrictions on the federal government? We are way pass democracy and we are now living under a oligarchy.

We are headed for disaster at full speed. We’ve been headed on the road to Greece for a long time and Biden just stepped on the gas tonight and we are now going at twice the speed. The Constitution is officially dead and you now have a party in power who will pass whatever they want regardless of what the Constitution says and without any consent from the minority party. We have a President who stood on stage and demanded that Republicans act “right now” over and over again.

I feel like I am saying this 20 times per week now but hyperinflation is coming. You can not flood the market with this many dollars and get into this much debt and now have hyperinflation. The only reason we haven’t seen hyperinflation yet is because people aren’t spending. As soon as people start spending, we are going to have major problems. Yes, an economic boom is coming. But so is the hyperinflation and then a collapse bigger then what we have seen in our lives. I think we could see a depression style collapse within the next two years. You must do whatever you can to prepare for a country that you don’t recognize, where the goods that you normally buy are in very limited supply.

Last night Biden said that America is on the move again. Yes, we are on the move but unfortunately that is towards destruction and Greece and we have passed all of the exits.


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