Biden declares war on 100 million Americans with new mandate

Last week, President Biden announced his plan to mandate that businesses that have over 100 employees mandate vaccines or require a weekly negative Covid test. This new mandate will effect 100 million Americans.

During the speech Biden criticized the 80 million American’s who are still unvaccinated and declared that “We’ve been patient. But our patience is wearing thin, and your refusal has cost all of us”. He then went on to threaten to use his power to get the governors who stand in his way, out of the way.

This speech was something that I’ve never thought I would hear from an American President. First, he has no Constitutional Power to get governors who don’t bow before him out of the way. We have (or at least use to) have a Constitution for a reason. We have a 10th amendment for a reason. The President of the United States can not force a state to do pretty much anything, unless it falls in line with the Constitution.

No where in the Constitution does the President have the authority to mandate that you take a vaccine. They don’t have the authority to do most of what they do but for too long American’s have been silent and just go on with their lives.

This was a complete 180 from what the White House Press Secretary said less than two months ago. We were promised that the federal government would not mandate vaccines and that that is not the role of the government. She lied.

Joe Biden himself even claimed that masks or vaccines shouldn’t be mandatory and that he wouldn’t mandate them. Like everything else, he lied about this too.

During his speech, Biden claimed that this is not about Freedom, “It’s about protecting yourself and those around you.” He went on to claim that ‘his job as President is to protect all Americans”. No, it really isn’t. His job as President is to uphold the Constitution. It’s not his job to protect me from me. I have the right to decide for myself what risks I want to take and then I live with the consequences of those risks, whether it’s the risk from not taking the vaccine or taking the vaccine. As an American, that is my choice.

This is absolutely about freedom. This is what a tyrannical government sounds like, and it’s going to get much, much worse.

Someday we will learn the lesson that you can not give an inch because the Progressives will take a mile. It’s just two weeks to slow the spread. It’s just two more weeks. It’s just a mask. It’s just until we have a vaccine. It’s just until a majority of American’s are fully vaccinated. Now it’s “just” your job if you do not fully comply. It’s going to get worse if American’s don’t stand up and I hope this was the line for a majority of Americans.

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