Biden admits that he is partly to blame for skyrocketing gas prices?

Last week Bloomberg reported that the Biden administration is talking with oil companies to restart idle oil refineries in an effort to address skyrocketing gas prices. According to Bloomberg “Members of the National Economic Council and other officials have inquired within the industry about factors that led some refining operations to be curtailed and if plans are underway to restart capacity, a person familiar with the matter said. The person, who wasn’t authorized to speak on the record, added no direct ask to restart operations was made.”

This comes amid President Biden’s collapsing approval rating. A new Reuters poll has the President’s approval down to just 36% and disapproval up to 59%. This is the lowest approval rating for President Biden yet, and the lowest approval of any President in modern history at this point in their presidency, since daily tracking started during the Truman administration. Biden as now fallen even below where Trump was at at this point in his presidency.

It makes sense why they are worried about the election. Inflation is out of control, the cost of living is skyrocketing, massive shortages are happening across the country and it’s about to get worse. And the Democrats are headed for a landslide defeat in November, likely losing both houses easily and maybe in record numbers.

Why did the President wait this long to address this issue? I get that refineries were shut down during COVID because no one was traveling but why did it take 16 months after taking office to even begin to discuss reopening these refineries, when prices have been skyrocketing? And isn’t this basically admitting that while the President doesn’t have complete control over the price of gas, he does have at least some influence over it?

The thing you have to understand is that all of this is a manufactured crisis. I’ve been saying that from the beginning and everyday they prove me right. They want skyrocketing prices because they want to move the country away from fossil fuels. Last week Joe Biden called the record prices at the pump and “incredible transition” and that he hoped that we would be less reliant on fossil fuels when it was over. They do not care that you are getting to the point where you can no longer afford to live because of their own actions. They want to fundamentally transform this country at every level, and they don’t care that you are suffering or that you object to it.

All the federal government needs to do is to get out of the way if they truly wanted to solve the issue. But they don’t want to solve the issue. They want a little temporarily relief to get them past the election, thinking that you’ll forget it when it comes time to vote in November. Why else would it have taken 16 months and 5 months before the election to even begin to discuss this when the refineries should have begun to reopen at least a year ago?

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