Biden Administration Cuts Effective COVID Treatment to Red States

Last week it was announced that the Biden administration will begin to ration effective Monoclonal antibody treatment that have been proven to help fight COVID. As a result, states such as Florida, Texas and several others are now receiving around half of the amount of treatment that they need. Governor’s such as Ron DeSantis of Florida have made this a priority in the fight to treat COVID and have opened up 25 treatment locations around the state.

The Biden administration hasn’t really given an explanation for why the cut other then to claim that it’s about “equity”. Equity? Shouldn’t it be about saving lives and giving it where it is needed the most?

The Biden administration is claiming that they are taking the steps due to a shortage of the drug due to a surge in COVID, but the manufacturer of Regeneron has come out and said that their is plenty of supply.

Texas Representative Chip Roy is demanding answers and tweeted that the Health and Human Services Secretary needs to “explain why and how it is interfering with the distribution of monoclonal antibodies.” Texas is in second place when it comes to the demand for Regeneron, only behind Florida.

Just earlier this month the Biden administration claimed that it was going to “accelerate access” to the drug and will be increasing distribution by 50%. They reversed that position within a week.

This isn’t the only disturbing step that the Biden administration is taking to seemingly punish states that don’t cave to the Federal Government. Pharmacies, under the direction of the CDC, are now also refusing to fill certain prescriptions for treatments that are saving lives. Walgreens and CVS have both announced that they will no longer be filling prescriptions for Ivermectin, a drug that can help some recover from COVID.

The message from the Biden Administration and CDC is simple. Fall in line, do exactly what the Federal government says, or we will withhold life saving drugs. If they are willing to play politics with peoples lives by withholding lifesaving drugs, what aren’t they willing to do to force you to submit?


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