Apple Podcasts Removes Glenn Beck Radio Program From Platform

Apple Podcast removed the entire page of the Glenn Beck Radio Show from their platform on Wednesday.

On Wednesday, founder of The Blaze, Radio Hall of Fame host and host of the Glenn Beck Radio Program, Glenn Beck, tweeted out a video saying that Apple Podcast removed him from their platform, and completely deleted the entire library of episodes. Apple podcast informed Glenn Beck that “They have found an issue” with his show, although no further details were provided.

Following news for Glenn Beck being suspended, Glenn Beck started trending on Twitter with both supporters and those that don’t normally agree with Glenn Beck calling out Apple for removing the show.

Political Journalist Ed Krassenstein, who has nearly 1 million followers on Twitter, tweeted support for Glenn Beck noting that he “completely disagree with so much of what Glenn Beck has to say, and I think a lot of his politics are absurd” but that “if Beck has actually been banned merely for voicing his free speech, I think it’s wrong of Apple to do.”

Utah Senator Mike Lee tweeted “It looks like I may have to go elsewhere to listen to podcasts. If @Apple is going to remove @glennbeck’s program from its podcast offerings, a whole lot of us are going to say “we found an issue with @Apple.”

Following the show removal, TheBlaze tweeted out the promo code “WILLNOTBECENSORED for 30% off!”

TheBlaze later tweeted “BREAKING: We have received an update from Apple that say @glennbeck‘s show is “available” but the podcast still doesn’t appear in store.”

At the time of writing this, the show remains unavailable and no explanation has been provided.


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