America’s New Form of Government: Pluralism

We have a new system of government in America and you didn’t even get a vote. 

The new system of government that we are now living under is called Pluralism. Pluralism is “the fundamental belief that a government cannot be trusted with the allocation of power, primarily because of the belief that citizens are not smart enough or moral enough to elect officials who will ensure the government acts morally.” Did you get all of that? 

The heads of Google, Twitter and Facebook, think that you are too stupid to elect someone who represents you, so they feel the need to step in to approve what you can or cannot watch or read online. They have decided that it is their duty to take things into their own hands, to ensure that the government acts morally, because, well, they know better then you. 

They know that you are too stupid to think for yourself, so they needed to create an algorithm that silences and demonetizes Conservative voices on their platform. And they need to prevent something like 2016 from happening again so by changing the algorithms so that you only see stories that put a leftist spin on things, they are influencing what you think and how you vote.

A document called “Democracy Matters: Strategic Plan for Action” which was smuggled out of a Media Matters conference, describes the dangers of social media and the internet. “Generally speaking and simply put, Democrats got clobbered in the digital space…The Trump camp spoke effectively to the grassroots and relied on online channels to disseminate information and misinformation and influence the media, even getting fake stories on cable t.v.” So instead of trying to present their ideas in a better way and convince you that their side is right, they need to prevent you from hearing Conservative voices. Instead of trying to influence you by presenting sensible ideas, they need to control what you are able to read and watch, which will eventually influence how you vote.  “Media Matters has already secured access to raw data from Facebook, Twitter and other Social Media sites. We have also put in place the technology necessary to automatically mine white nationalist message boards and alt-right communities for our archive.”

We have seen these bans for awhile but it goes much deeper then just Facebook or Twitter banning Conservatives from their platform, whether it’s an outright ban or a shadow ban. It goes deeper then Youtube banning right wing hosts such as Alex Jones or demonetizes Conservative Political Commentator Steven Crowder, of their own accord.

To be clear, I have no problem with a private company refusing to serve someone, or a company such as Facebook banning Conservatives on their platform….as long as they aren’t receiving protection from the government. The issue is is that these companies are acting like publishers when they are designed to be platforms. If they are going to be a Publisher then they should have the right to publish anything they want. Fox News and CNN are publishers and they should have the right to express any viewpoint that they want, whether I agree with it or not. is a publisher and I should have the right to express my views, and you have the right to decide whether you wanted to read this article or not. Companies such as Facebook and Google, are designed to be setup as platforms, where others can express any viewpoint, and Facebook, Twitter or Google will not edit what you are reading or watching. And it’s because they are receiving government protection that they can not be sued if they ban or demonetizes someone. 

People like Steven Crowder have no legal course of action against Google, because Google is acting like a publisher while getting the protection that is designed for platforms. Therefore, Google is able to demonetizes someone like Steven Crowder, and in some cases cause the commentator to lose hundreds of thousands of dollars per year in revenue, and they can’t do anything about it.  If they were only a Publisher, we would be able to sue Google or Facebook if we were demonetized or banned. It’s because they have the protection from the government that I wouldn’t be able to sue Google, if Google’s algorithms prevented you from reading 

These companies are so deeply in bed with former employees of government, that they are now influencing what stories you read and how you vote.  The policy director of Facebook was Nancy Pelosi’s Chief of staff before joining Facebook. The algorithm policy director of Facebook worked for Hillary Clinton at the State Department. The head of Content policy at Facebook worked for Hillary’s Presidential campaign. The Director in Charge of countering hate and extremism at Facebook, came directly from the Clinton Foundation. A developer of internal 3rd party education that drives thought leadership of hate speech and content moderation, was an Obama policy person. The policy manager at Youtube was employed previously by Hillary For America and worked on Obama’s campaign before that. The lead manager of Youtube’s Global Policy Content, previously worked for the DNC. The person responsible for growing the next generation of stars at Youtube, worked in The Office of Digital Strategy at the White House under Barack Obama. The person that is in charge of developing the careers of the Youtube creators, was the Director of Video for Obama at the White House. Vox, the company that got Steven Crowder demonetized, was one of the companies that were hired by Youtube to the tune of $20 million to do educational videos. This list goes on and go. 

I disagree with people like Elizabeth Warren who say that these companies should be broken up. They shouldn’t. They are private companies so they have a right to do pretty much anything they want. What I have a problem with is the protection that they are receiving from the government. A protection that is controlling what you get to read and watch. And if this doesn’t end, they will end up influencing the 2020 election and beyond, and there’s very little that we’ll be able to do about it. 


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