600,000 Crimes Committed by Illegal Immigrants…And That’s Just in Texas

Have you seen headlines like that from most in the mainstream media? We keep hearing that this is a “manufactured crisis” by Donald Trump. Really? Are those 600,000 crimes part of that “manufactured crisis”? And that was just between the years 2011 and 2016.

Some of the numbers in that “manufactured crisis” are:

  • 996 homicides
  • 59,200 assaults
  • 14,833 burglaries
  • 58,825 drug charges
  • 605 kidnappings
  • 36,317 thefts
  • 39,421 obstructing police
  • 3,315 robberies
  • 5,218 sexual assaults
  • 7,486 weapons charges.

Keep in mind that those numbers are just for Texas between the years 2011 and 2016 according to the Texas Department of Public Safety. Imagine what it is now with apprehensions at record levels. And those are just the people that were caught.

According to PJ Media’s J. Christian Adams, “the number of criminal aliens in Texas is “almost certainly” larger as the state can only can tag those aliens who had previously been fingerprinted.”  “Arrests of illegal aliens who have not been fingerprinted prior to arrest are not included in these arrests numbers derived from the Secure Communities initiative,” writes Adams. “That means that the already stratospheric aggregate crime totals would be even higher if crimes by many illegal aliens who are not in the fingerprint database were included.”

Sadly, things are much worse then they were back in 2016. It’s too early to tell what the current crime numbers are, but apprehensions have been through the roof over the past year. This crisis continues to get worse by the month, regardless of what anyone in congress is telling you. With the exception of maybe President Trump, no one is willing to do a damn thing about it.   

In my article from June 3rd titled “Main Stream Media Changes Tune on Border: Now Claims We Are At A “Breaking Point”” (still available at levimikula.com), I told you that “In March, apprehensions hit 103,492 and another 109,000 in April. It looks like we are likely to see similar numbers for May as well.” It looks like I was wrong. “Similar numbers” as March and April would have been an improvement. In May, apprehensions of illegal immigrants crossing the southern border jumped by another 32%, reaching more than 144,000….in a single month. That is just the ones who were caught. How many more have crossed our southern border undetected?

This is now the third month in a row where apprehensions have been over 100,000 and congress still refuses to act. That is over 356,000 that have been apprehended in just 3 months. To put that in perspective, if this continues for another 3 months, it would be equivalent to a city the size of Nashville or Las Vegas, crossing the United States border. Again, that is just the ones that are being detained. If this continues for a full year, that would be like the entire city of Philadelphia moving to New Jersey in a single year. Yet, the left still can’t seem to understand why we have a humanitarian crisis.  

We keep hearing how Trump is this racist monster who is putting people in these “concentration camps” without proper access to basic necessities like food and medical supplies. I am curious what exactly the left would like to be done with these people. How are we suppose to handle 144,000 people coming across the border every single month? Would the hospitals in New Jersey be able to handle another 144,000 people, that is an extra 4,800 people every single day, if some major catastrophe happened? The answer to that by anyone with an ounce of common sense, would be no. The hospitals would be overwhelmed.

Even the New York Times is finally recognizing the crisis. According to the NYT editorial board, “As record numbers of central American families flee violence and poverty in their homelands, they are overwhelming United States border systems, fueling a humanitarian crisis of overcrowding, disease and chaos.”

If we really wanted to we could solve this problem quickly, but neither side actually cares enough to do that. There are solutions that would work. Like I said in my June 3rd article, what we need is a wall along the entire southern border with 2-4 entrances. Send 200-300 lawyers down to handle those that are actually seeking asylum. If you are rejected, you are immediately turned away. If you have a criminal history, you are immediately turned away. Secure the wall with any and all means necessary, including drone surveillance and Border Patrol. 

Allowing this chaos to continue is getting to be borderline, treasonous. While congress wants to sit there and cry about the humanitarian crisis along our border, they are refusing to take action to prevent this from getting worse. It’s time that congress does their job and passes meaningful measures to prevent this crisis from continuing.


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