10 Steps You Can Take to Fight Back Against the Great Reset

I have been talking a lot about the Great Reset over the last 14 months. If this system is implemented, it’s the end of America as we know it. But it’s not a done deal. There are steps that individually we each can and must take to push back against the Great Reset.

  1. Speak up. Stop remaining silent. Stop playing the game. Speak out against any corporation or anyone in the media or anyone else that pushes lies about the Great Reset
  2. Buy local whenever you can. Stop giving your money to places like Walmart and Amazon and support your local farmers market or local business, even if you have to pay a little more.
  3. Bank local. Take your money out of banks like Wells Fargo, Bank of America and Citibank. These banks are already starting to impose ESG scores on their customers. If you need a mortgage or car loan, go to a local bank or credit union.
  4. Support local farms. This takes power away from the big companies (4 meat companies produce 90% of all meat) and helps you during a crisis for when a massive disruption in the food chain hits. This also keeps your local farmer in business.
  5. Tell banks/corporations why they lost your business.
  6. Run for local government. This is not possible for everyone but if you are in a position to do so, run. Consider running for local school board or zoning board. Consider running for state office. If you don’t run, find someone that shares your values and help support their campaign. If you supporting another candidate, make the Great Reset a litmus test for earning your vote. If they aren’t informed about the Great Reset and aren’t fighting hard against it, don’t support them.
  7. Demand your state passes laws against ESG.
  8. Make responsible spending a key issue for politicians. We can not afford to keep printing and spending endless amounts of money. We are going to go bankrupt within the next few years if we keep this up. Don’t vote for anyone that isn’t a fiscal conservative. Don’t vote for any elected official that support programs like TARP or any bailouts. I would add stimulus checks into this as well because we can not afford them.
  9. Organize anti-Great Reset groups. Stand together with like minded people and start forming a peaceful resistance with people from both sides of the political isle. Learn to depend on your community when times get tough.
  10. Buy property and diversify. Be very careful with this. Don’t get into too much debt to do this. Don’t buy a house larger than you can afford but owning property is going to be critical with what’s coming. If you are selling your property, don’t sell to companies like Black Rock. Buy hard assets like real estate, food, precious metals, art. Buy something that is going to have value when the collapse comes.


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