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If you are only signed up for my emails or read the articles whenever I post them on social media, first thank you for reading and subscribing! The newsletter is a way that I can get you the articles without big tech censorship. If you are depending on seeing my posts on social media, you are probably missing a lot with how often Conservative voices are shadow banned and in many cases just outright banned. Subscribing to my free newsletter that goes out whenever a new article is posted is the way around that. But there’s a few newish features on Mikulawire.com that you may have missed if you haven’t checked out the website in awhile. I also wanted to give you an update for a new series that will be launching this week!

Resource Page

This past fall I launched a new resource page where you are able to go and find alternatives for the products that you buy. One of the most important things that you can do to fight back against things like the Great Reset, is to stop spending your money at the big corporations that are pushing it. I now have an easy to read chart where within seconds you can check to see what companies I would recommend trying to avoid if you hold Conservative values or even if you are a liberal who hasn’t gone completely insane. Then right next to those companies I give you alternatives that you can support. We can’t just say not to support a company like Verizon or Walmart but then not provide an alternative. That’s exactly what I aim to do. Most of these alternatives are well known companies, but if you can get the products that you need locally, that’s even better.

Note on this list, these are not all necessarily Conservative companies, but sometimes companies that just haven’t gone woke. It’s hard enough to find a well known company that is center, let alone Conservative. Companies with products that are made in America are also now marked as well.

This list is updated regularly so please check back often.

I also want to ask for your help. I can’t keep track of every company in America so if you know of a company that should be added, either to the support or boycott list, please visit the ‘Contact Us’ page and send us a message. If you notice a company on one of the lists and you disagree with how it was categorize, let me know that as well.

Founders Corner

Beginning this Friday, Mikulawire.com will be launching a new series that is focused on restoring American values and teaching the truth about our founding.

Throughout this series I will be providing you historical context for what was happening during the time of our founding, present you with context for significant documents like the Constitution, The Declaration of Independence, and the original Declaration of Independence that Thomas Jefferson wanted and why we didn’t stick with that document. Some weeks it will just be speeches that I find significant. Some weeks we will be marking significant historical anniversaries surrounding our founding. Some weeks I will be pointing you towards resources from other organizations that are teaching accurate American history and that are teaching it well. And some weeks I will set out to explain what we can do as individuals to begin to Restore the America that our founders created and that so many of us long to live in.

If you are in your 30s and younger, sadly, you likely weren’t taught about accurate history if you were in the public school system. You were likely taught that America is this evil, racist country, that our founders were all old, white, racist, sexist men. If you are over 30, you were probably taught some accurate history. But have you read the original draft of the Declaration of Independence? Did you even know there was one, and it debunks a big progressive talking point? Do you know about the black founding fathers? Did you know that the first slaveowner was black?

If you are currently a subscriber, you don’t have to do anything. You will automatically get these emails as soon as the new articles are posted every Friday. There’s a good chance that a lot of these articles will be shadow banned so the only way to ensure that you get to read them is to subscribe to my free newsletter.

Updated Schedule

I will be publishing new articles on Monday and Wednesday and Founders Corner will be each Friday.

Great Reset tab

The Great Reset is the most important story of the decade. It will effect every aspect of your life if it is not stopped. Because of how important this story is, last spring we created a tab where you can easily find all of the stories that I have published so far (all 20+ of them) on the Great Reset. New articles are being added regularly. If you are a new subscriber you are getting these articles whenever they are published. If you have signed up within the last year, you may have missed some of the early articles. You can find all of these articles by visiting Mikulawire.com and clicking on the tab titled Great Reset at the top of the homepage.

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