What the Media Won’t Tell You About Covid-19

You don’t have to look very far to discover that the media and the left have politicized this virus from the very beginning. We are being told that it’s those evil Republican governors of Florida and Texas that ‘want people to die’, meanwhile they claim that Governors like Andrew Cuomo have done such a great job while dealing with the virus. Dr. Fauci, who is being treated by the left like the Golden Calf in the Biblical story of Moses, has claimed that New York is the model for how to deal with the virus. 

Fauci, the media and liberal Democrats holding up New York as some sort of model for how to deal with this virus correctly should be enough to get people to question if they are really being told the truth and if the media is really just turning this into a political weapon to take down Donald Trump.  If you listen to the media hype, you would think that people are dying in massive numbers in states like Florida and Texas. The actual number of deaths paints a whole different story.

Despite what the left would like you to believe, this virus is not an automatic death sentence and there is a 99.7% chance that you will recover. There’s at least an 80% chance that if you catch the virus, you would have mild to no symptoms. You may have it right now and think it’s just allergies or a cold. Both the 80% and 99.7% figure will likely continue to rise as we test more. 

Common sense, which isn’t too common anymore, will tell you that the more you test, the more people will test positive from it. That isn’t something to fear. Yes, we should be cautious and take reasonable steps to help to slow the spread of this virus. But let’s not destroy our way of life over a virus with a 99.7% recovery rate.

Let’s ignore all of that for a minute. Let’s just look at the actual number of deaths that are currently being reported in States like New York, Texas and Florida. Dr. Fauci thinks that the Governor Cumo did such a great job so let’s examine the numbers (from the CDC). 

Deaths by State (As of August 5th):

New York: 32,754

Florida: 7,627

Texas: 7,271

I am curious what Dr. Fauci thinks that New York has actually done right. Was it putting positive Covid-19 patients in nursing homes and killing off the most vulnerable population? Is it having the highest death toll in the country, by far? 

And you can’t make an argument about the populations of New York, Texas and Florida because that doesn’t make the numbers look any better. Texas has 9.5 million more people then New York does and yet has seen less than a quarter of the deaths. Florida also has a larger population then New York does by 2 million, and they have also seen less than a quarter of the deaths that New York has. 

Queens New York has a population of 2.253 million people and they have seen 7,186  deaths (as of Aug. 5th). The entire state of Texas (population of 29 million) as seen 7,271 deaths. Almost as many people have died in Queens due to Covid then the entire state of Texas but it’s the Governor of Texas that is putting lives at risk?

I do want to make sure to point out that this isn’t some “right-wing” site that is reporting these numbers. These are the official numbers that have been reported by the CDC. 

Let’s not forget to the mention the constant stories of people not even being tested and yet have “tested” positive for Covid, presumed deaths, reporting errors where some labs are reporting that 90%+ are testing positive when the actual number of cases are 9% positive, etc. All of these “errors” but if you even dare to question the numbers or the media’s coverage, you are accused of being a “science denier” who “wants granny to die”. No, it’s not the science that we are questioning, but  your coverage of this virus. And if we wanted granny to die, we would have done what the Democrat Governors of New York, Pennsylvania, and California have done and force nursing homes to take Covid-19 positive cases. 

Speaking of nursing homes, 42% of all U.S. deaths have happened in nursing homes, accounting for 59,000 deaths. Imagine what the death toll would be like had those governors not placed Covid-19 positive patients into nursing homes, knowing that those in nursing homes are at far greater risk than the general population is. 

It’s time that we stop buying into the fear tactics coming from the left. It’s time that they start telling us the truth about what is really going on. Yes, this is a deadly virus. There is no denying that. Yes, we do need to take precautions. If you are sick, stay home. If you in the most vulnerable population than it’s a good idea to quarantine. But let’s not destroy our entire way of life over a virus with a 99.7% survival rate. Let’s not overreact and make things worse for future generations than they need to be. And let’s start reporting the truth, instead of using it as just another political weapon to take down the President. 

Those that want to reopen the economy so that there will be an economy left for their children and grandchildren are not being selfish and wanting people to die. Those that are questioning those in the media who have spent nearly four years making everything that the President does seem like a major crisis, are not denying the science. And it’s time that we stop falling for their games and hold them accountable. Our country is at stake.


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