The Real Reason Companies Are Boycotting Russia and What Comes Next

The war between Russia and Ukraine is the perfect example of why we need to run from anything involving the Great Reset and ESG. Sure, it sounds good on the surface that all of these countries are boycotting Russia, but did all of these companies just come to the same conclusion all of a sudden that Putin is evil and that we need to boycott Russia? And what comes next for you?

The answer to that first question is “no”. No, all of these companies did not just come to the same conclusion that they want to boycott Russia based off of principles. Sure, some made the decision out of principle. But many were forced into it out of fear of the Great Reset and ESG.

McDonald’s reluctantly pulled out of Russia and cited “reputational risk” for doing so. Whenever you see the phrase “reputational risk” that is directly from the Great Reset. That means that if a company takes a position that is different from the approved narrative, whether it’s Environmental, Social or Governance, they are going to see that effect their ESG score. If their ESG score is too low, they are going to have a very difficult time getting a loan or doing anything.

So if this system can be used against a country as powerful as Russia, why can’t it be used against you for not going along with whatever the approved narrative at the time is? If they can use it against a country with nuclear weapons, why can’t they do the same thing to you? Why can’t they just declare you a “terrorist” if you voted for Trump, speak out at a school board meeting or protest over things like COVID lockdowns, all of which the media and in many cases the DHS is already doing?

Just this past February the DHS issued another advisory warning of people that spread what they deem to be “misinformation” and that they deem to be pushing “conspiracy theories”. Now, people like Tulsi Gabbard are being accused of being a terrorist and committing treason. If they truly believe that you are a terrorist why wouldn’t they do whatever they can to stop you? Why would they allow people like me, The blaze, Dailywire or any other organization that pushes “conspiracy theories” and “misinformation” to keep speaking out?

The digital dollar that is coming is going to make it very easy for them to track and limit your fiances. They decide that you are using too much gas, they’ll just turn it off or set a limit to how much your card would be able to purchase. They don’t like that you donate to a candidate like Tulsi Gabbard or Ron DeSantis, your card just won’t work for that donation. The price of something is getting too high, they’ll limit how much of that item you can purchase. They don’t like that you are a subscriber to places like The blaze or Dailywire because they deem that companies like that are pushing “conspiracy theories”, you card won’t work. They don’t like that you drive a gas powered car, you just won’t be able to get insurance on that car because it’s going to be a “reputational risk” for the insurance company to insure a car that is harmful for the environment (the E in ESG).

It may sound crazy, but why wouldn’t they take steps to limit where you can spend your money if they already believe that you are a terrorist? Why would they allow you to continue to listen to people that they have decided are pushing “conspiracy theories” and that are standing up to them? If they believe that Tulsi Gabbard truly committed treason (which she didn’t) and is a “Russian asset” (which she’s not), why would they continue to allow her to participate in society? Why would they continue to allow you to speak out on anything?

We are being told now that this is just the free market making the decisions. It is not. It was not the “free market” that forced McDonalds to pull their money out of Russia, it was “reputational risk” from ESG and the Great Reset. The Great Reset is not design to work with the free market, it’s designed to kill it. And it’s designed for the government to be able to control you.

You need to be urging your elected officials to stand against the Great Reset and ESG, because once this is implemented, it’s going to completely change your life, and not in a good way.

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