How We Win the Fight in the End

I’m going to start this off by clearly condemning these acts of violence. This was ridiculous. Absolutely nothing positive could have come out of storming the Capitol. This was terrorism and the people involved in this incident need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.  That is something that all sides should be able to come together on, regardless of who you voted for in the last Election and whether you think the outcome was fair or not.

This attacked accomplished absolutely nothing except further the media’s narrative that Trump supporters are all dangerous and turn Congressman who were sympathetic to those who feel that we didn’t have a fair election, away from our cause. It didn’t win anyone over and it pushed people away. 

I’m not fully convinced that these were all Trump supporters, and they definitely weren’t Constitutional Conservatives. Constitutional Conservatives and a vast majority of Trump supporters don’t behave like this, despite what you are might be hearing this week in the mainstream media. It shouldn’t be tolerated and both sides should be able to come together and condemn these acts of violence. 

Most in the media and Liberal politicians like Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer don’t have a leg to stand on when it comes to this. We spent most of last year being told that the ANTIFA and BLM riots were “mostly peaceful” despite clear evidence to the contrary. The rioting that lasted several months in places like Portland did not come from Trump supporters, but from groups like ANTIFA and BLM. Where was Nancy Pelosi’s condemnation of those acts of violence? Where was the media’s condemnation? Why did people like Maxine Waters get a pass when she told her supporters to go out and harass Trump supporters? 

After spending months listening to actual calls for violence and that people should take to the streets, including from now Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris, these same people are now suddenly upset and just want peace. Sit down and shut up because you have zero credibility. Unlike you, some of us are willing to condemn violence, regardless of which side it comes from.

Now these same people who called for people to take to the streets are now upset that Donald Trump incited this violence? Really? How exactly did Trump incite this violence. At what point in his speech did Donald Trump tell his supports to storm the Capitol and attack police? “Walk down to the Capitol” is inciting violence? “We are going to cheer on our brave senators and congressmen and women,” is inciting violence? What exactly did he say that was so evil that he needs to be removed immediately? Anyone with half a brain knows that he never supported this disgusting act.

Let’s not forget to mention that we had over 140 representatives and at least a dozen senators on the floor of the Capitol fighting for us and fighting for transparency. Overturning the results was always going to be a long shot. But we had patriots like Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley and others who were fighting on our behalf and for transparency. The only thing this attack accomplished was delaying the process and turning away anyone that was maybe on the fence on whether they wanted to object to certifying some of the results and of course allowing the media to paint all Trump supporters as violent and dangerous. Senators who were going to vote against certifying the results, ended up using this behavior as an excuse to vote to certify the results. This did the exact opposite of whatever they were trying to accomplish, assuming that these were actually Trump supporters and not ANTIFA or BLM in disguise, which I have my questions. 

I get the frustration. For too long half of the country has been pushed around and called every name in the book. For twelve years, anyone who was a registered Republican, even moderates like John McCain, were accused of being racist, sexist, homophobic, bigots. For Four years, the left pushed a false narrative that Trump colluded with Russia, a narrative that they knew to be false, and then despite a three year investigation that turned up nothing, no one ever paid for their crimes of pushing something that they knew to be false. The Clinton’s could get away with actual murder and no one pays for those crimes. There’s evidence of the Biden’s being involved in a money laundering scheme and that was just swept under the rug until after the election. I get that we are all frustrated but violent acts like what we saw at the Capitol this week is not the way to go and can not be tolerated. 

We still have a long, tough and frustrating road ahead. And it’s very easy to get discouraged and want to give up. But we must stay the course and we must continue to fight, not with violence but by following leaders like Gandhi, MLK Jr. and Jesus. If we do that, in the end we will. 


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