China Lied, People Died

It has now been more than 3 months since the first coronavirus case was announced in China. A virus that is so dangerous, that entire countries are now coming to a complete stop to try to control how quickly this is spreading. The action that countries are now forced to take to contain this virus are guaranteed to cause a massive recession, and possibly a depression, this year. 

It didn’t need to be this way. It wouldn’t have been this way if China would have been open about this virus from the very beginning. I have my own speculations on why China didn’t share the truth with the World Health Organization (WHO) from the beginning. It wouldn’t surprise me if this virus was intentionally released from the lab in Wuhan, to try to control their own citizens. A virus that very quickly got out of hand and spread to the entire world just within a few months, whether that was their original attention or not. 

I can’t prove that this was intentional. It’s just a theory that makes sense and it’s something that the Chinese government would do, whether that was the case this time or not. What they are responsible for without a shadow of a doubt is that their cover-up of this virus was extremely deadly. It was their cover-up that allowed this virus to get out of control, completely shutting down entire countries, and collapsing the world economy.

Chinese doctors knew right from the beginning that this virus can be spread by human to human contact. Chinese doctors warned the Chinese government that this virus could be spread by human to human contact, but they were prevented from alerting other medical staff and the public. Those that alerted the Chinese authorities were accused of spreading rumors and forced to remain silent about this findings.

Not only were they not allowed to share their findings, but they couldn’t even continue the research of this virus. When the virus first broke in December, the Chinese government told the scientists to destroy any evidence of this virus. According to The Times UK, “Chinese laboratories identified a mystery virus as a highly infectious new pathogen by late December last year, but they were ordered to stop tests, destroy samples and suppress the news”. On January 1st, they were instructed to destroy these labs and then did not admit that this virus was spread by human to human contact until three weeks later. 

The Chinese government even intentionally lied to WHO and told them this virus could not be spread by human to human contact when their doctors warned them from the very beginning that it could. More then a month after this virus was discovered, and several weeks after Chinese doctors alerted the Chinese government that this virus can be spread by human to human contact, the Chinese government told WHO that “Preliminary investigations by the Chinese authorities have found no clear evidence of human-to-human transmission of the novel coronavirus (2019-nCov indentified in Wuhan, China.” This information was later tweeted by WHO.

Imagine where we would be today if the Chinese government would have told the truth from the beginning. Imagine how many lives would have been saved. Imagine how many trillions of dollars that the world economy has now lost, due to everything being forced to shut down. Imagine if we would have known the truth from the very beginning and we were able to get this virus under control quickly.

China must answer for this so that this doesn’t happen again. China must answer for why they allowed this virus to get out of control, before coming clean. They must receive severe tariffs and sanctions from the world. We must start producing our own medical equipment and drugs here, so that we do not have to be dependent on communist governments like China. As individuals we must stop buying Chinese products and start buying more products that are made here, even if we have to pay a little more. Lives are literally at stake.

There is no guarantee that a virus outbreak like this won’t happen again in our lifetimes. Although extremely rare, there’s always a possibility. But we need to make sure that the entire world is not at the the mercy of countries such as China. We need to see to it that China isn’t in a position where they could release a deadly virus, and then get to be the suppliers of a majority of the worlds medical supplies. Imagine what would happen if they really did release this virus, and then said by the way, we aren’t going to provide you with the necessary supplies to treat this deadly virus or any of the other diseases with drugs that you purchase from China.

We need to make sure that the punishment is so severe that they will think twice next time before covering something like this up. As the saying goes, the cover-up is worse then the crime. It was the cover-up of this virus that has already gotten tens of thousands of innocent people around the world killed. Tens of thousands, possibly hundreds of thousands of people when this is finally over, killed that would still be alive if China would have been transparent from the beginning.


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