Founders’ Corner: Was Our Constitution Inspired by the Bible?

For the last several Friday’s I have been writing about a CNN article that was published back in July that claims that “an imposter Christianity is threatening American democracy”. Today I want to debunk one more of the claims that John Blake made in this article. Blake claimed that “The Constitution says nothing about God, […]

Founders’ Corner: Did Our Founders Believe that We Were to be a Christian Nation?

John Blake from CNN recently published an article where he referred to the right as “white Christian Nationalists”. According to Blake “one of the most popular beliefs among White Christian nationalists is that the US was founded as a Christian nation; the Founding Fathers were all orthodox, evangelical Christians; and God has chosen the US […]

Founders’ Corner: The Wall of Separation Between Church and State

The Left likes to use the phrase “separation of church and state” as the excuse for why we can’t have those that talk about their faith in public office and as the excuse for really anything that justifies their beliefs. You can’t support the overturning of Roe V Wade without being accused of being a […]

Founders’ Corner: Biden’s “You Couldn’t Own A Cannon” Claims Debunked

Joe Biden and others have repeatedly claimed that “You couldn’t own a cannon” because they believe that the second amendment is not absolute, so the government can make laws restricting the type of weapon that you are allowed to own. But these claims are false. For an administration that claims to be so worried about […]

Founders Corner: “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death”

In 1775, Hanover County elected Patrick Henry to be delegate to the Second Virginia Convention. The debate was over whether Virginia should adopt language from the Colony of Jamaica that stated their long list of grievances about the King of England, but it gave the king permission to veto any legislation that he didn’t support […]