Book Recommendations

Faucian Bargain

In this book Steve Deace exposes the highest paid fraud in the federal government and how he has taken both sides of every issue since the beginning of this virus, from one extreme to another. Deace exposes the origin of the claim that this virus is similar to the flu (Hint: It wasn’t Qanon or anyone on the right) and how credible doctors with differing views of mask mandates, lockdowns, etc are silenced if they don’t follow the narrative, even if they are claiming what Facui originally claimed. This is a critical book that you must read so that you are prepared for when those in power try this all again, and they will try it again if they can get away with it.


If you haven’t read George Orwell’s “1984” yet or haven’t in awhile, this is a must read. We are following the exact same path as “1984”, from erasing history to the new proposal by many on the far left for a “truth and reconciliation commission”. Like in “1984”, be are entering a time period that you will be told what to think and you will even be forced to question the things that you once knew to be true. It was extremely eerie reading through it a few weeks ago and recognizing that we are on the same road that Orwell warned about. This is a book I wish I would have read years ago. Please add this to your reading list this year and please have it in a hardcopy in case this is the next book they ban.