Biden could declare national climate emergency as soon as this week

Yesterday news broke that President Biden could declare a national climate emergency as early as this week. The potential move comes days after Senator Joe Manchin said that he would not back his party’s economic package that also includes billions of dollars to fight global warming.

If Biden actually does follow through with declaring a national emergency, and I think he will, things in this country are going to change quickly. Declaring a national emergency gives the President even more power and influence over things such as the fossil fuel industry.

The Washington Post reported that “It is unclear how, exactly, Biden plans to proceed if he opts to declare a climate emergency, which Senate Majority Leader Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.) urged him to do just days after the president took office last year.

Some climate activists have urged the White House in recent months to deploy an emergency declaration to maximum effect, arguing that it would allow the president to halt crude oil exports, limit oil and gas drilling in federal waters, and direct agencies including the Federal Emergency Management Agency to boost renewable-energy sources.

I warned that this was coming a few months ago and it was all part of a strategy given to him by a group called the Center for Biological Diversity. He’s already done 9 out of the 10 items on that list which I went in to great detail back in June. The only one that is left is to declare a national emergency.

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