Biden Approves New Russian Pipeline Months After Shutting Down the Keystone Pipeline

On day one of the new Biden administration, President Biden signed an executive order suspending construction of the Keystone Pipeline. Now, just four months later, the Biden administration has waived sanctions on a Russian company that is in bed with Putin so that they can build a new pipeline from Russia to Germany.

This is a controversial pipeline that will give Russia even more control over Europe. Secretary of State Antony Blinken claimed that waiving these sanctions was in the best in the U.S. National interest. Blinken released a statement claiming that “Today’s actions demonstrate the administration’s commitment to energy security in Europe, consistent with the President’s pledge to rebuild relationships with our allies and partners in Europe”. So it’s in our national interest for Russia to build this new pipeline to Germany but not in our national interest to build the Keystone pipeline? Energy security is important in Europe but not in the U.S.?

For four years all we’ve heard from the left and the corporate media is that Donald Trump was soft on Russia and that Trump was a “Russian asset”. In January 2019, the Washington Post ran a story titled “Here are 18 reasons Trump could be a Russian asset”. Slate ran a similar story titled “A New Report Adds Evidence That Trump Was a Russian Asset”. In August 2020 CNN released “37 times Trump was soft on Russia” and included claims such as “Trump made light of Russian hacking” and that “Trump was open to lifting Russian sanctions”. But Biden has now proven that he is the most pro-Russian President in history. Where is all of the outrage from the left now? When does the process start to impeach Joe Biden for being in bed with Russia?

To be fair, this pipeline was likely going to be built anyways. The pipeline was already 90% complete and the State Department has claimed that stopping this pipeline is “a long shot” but why are we making it easier for Russia to gain even more leverage over Europe?

The new CEO of Ukraine’s state-owned energy company, Yuriy Vitrenko, stated that Nord Stream 2 (the new Russian pipeline) is Russia’s “most malign and dangerous geopolitical project” and they have called on Washington to impost sanctions on Russia to stop this pipeline.

This isn’t the first time that Biden has approved of helping Russia. Just last week the Biden administration claimed it was a private sector decision when news broke that Colonial was considering paying a $5 million ransom to Darkside, a professional hacking group based out of Russia, when they hacked a major pipeline that supplies 45% of oil for the Eastern side of the U.S. Colonial ended up paying that ransom.


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